Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Alaskan Adventure Day Two- BNB RV SCAM

We woke up in the morning cold but determined to start our Great Alaskan Adventure without delay. I got up with the boys and went to meet the guy from BNBRV, Bob, the only guy working there to get things straightened out. When I mentioned the issues as shown below of broken cabinets, the refrigerator cabinet bulging out, the refrigerator stinking, the blinds being bent and broken, the table where we eat and convert to a sleeping bed was busted, the upholstery was filthy, there were springs sticking out of the bed, the shower was dirty and walls were peeling, the vehicle had 121,000 miles on it, and that the vehicle wasn't even one of theirs (found the registration), his response was, "Well, we don't have any other vehicles, so you are stuck."

Realizing I didn't have many options available to me because I had already prepaid I asked him, "What about what was said on the website of 'Hand picked, self contained, clean, late model class "C" motorhomes with memory foam beds and LCD/DVD Flat Screen TV's' where is the RV I paid for?" His response was, "Don't have it." I told him I wanted a refund or discount if I wasn't able to find another RV. He said that would be fine but I'd have to talk to the owner of BNB RV Pete Harkovitch. I asked where Pete was and he said, "Out of the country." I then said, "I have triplet boys and we are going to be driving a lot of miles...I needed that TV/DVD." He responded by handing me three Coby portable DVD players that are cheaper than the toy ones you'd buy as a joke for someone.

He then proceeded to ask me for a credit card to cover the damage waiver. I gave him my American Express and he said, "Do you have anything else? They charge so much that we hate to use them." I responded, "It's a damage waiver, you shouldn't charge anything unless there is damage." He responded, "Well, you never know." At this point I was convinced that he planned on charging the card but I knew AMEX would tell him to stick it so I let him authorize, not charge the card. I stepped out of the office and called a few other RV places, but on short notice there was nothing available, so I was stuck.

Determined not to let these idiots at B&BRV ruin my vacation I reluctantly took the "Majestic" (the name alone for this piece of crap still makes me laugh), we grabbed sleeping bags, and some pots and pans, and we left. We went to every RV's favorite store, Walmart, and stocked up for the two weeks ahead. I even had to buy a power inverter and power switch just so I could plug in the boys TV's...what a joke. After I had a 4-alarm heart attack (we spent $1,100 in Walmart) we took off to the beautiful Denali National Park which was about a 6-hour drive away. The drive was beautiful as we passed Mt. McKinley and headed to Riley Creek campground which was at the base of the Denali National Park. The campground was a dry campground, meaning no hook-ups, but we had an RV...what could go wrong, right? Bob assured me we had enough propane to last us the trip and the heater would work through the night. So we went to sleep dreaming of our first real day exploring Alaska in Denali...we couldn't wait....

This is what their own website says about the RV's they rent.
This is what we were supposed to get!!! The picture's even on their website...what we got was below...

Busted cabinets..

Refrigerator cabinet bulging out...

Blinds bent and broken...
Table busted...we couldn't put any weight on it...couldn't eat on it..
Upholstery was filthy, not fit to sit or sleep on...needed extra sheets to cover the grime...
Got cut on my arm on this spring during the middle of the night...
Shower walls peeling and dirty..
Power inverter I bought just to run the boys' DVD players.

Car had over 121,000 miles on it!!
Wasn't even a registered vehicle to BNB RV, probably borrowed it from their uncle.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Great Alaskan Adventure Day One- BNB RV Bait and Switch

We had prepaid $3,052 and they required it in advance for the 11 days we would be there, so about $300/day....not cheap but necessary for my landscape photography project that I'm doing. We got a taxi ($20) and arrived at BNB RV at 1:30am where they had arranged to leave the RV with the lights on and heater running with our name on the RV window. When we arrived we saw an old 2001 Majestic RV with our name on it....only 1 other RV was in the lot and it looked worse than the one we had.

Exhausted and a little cold we climbed into the RV only to find that the lights worked but the heater didn't....and they didn't leave any blankets or sleeping bags in the RV like they were supposed to. It was also missing any TV and many things were broken on it. The upholstery was filthy and it smelt like a Moose had died in it. With no other choice, we bundled up the best that we could, locked the doors, and made it through the night assuming that this must be a temporary set up for the night until our 2008 Winnebago Chalet arrived in the morning. We were frustrated the heater didn't work and there were no sleeping linens or blankets....but we were so excited about being in Alaska that we hoped for the best and assumed everything would be worked out in the morning....a cold but exciting start to our Great Alaskan Adventure!

Friday, August 27, 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Monday, August 23, 2010

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

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