Sunday, April 26, 2009

California Love- Gangsta Style

This is a music video I put together from a collection of video taken on my D90 of our Triple "G" dance crew throwing down the moves (also known as my boys dancing).  The video in here is taken from footage shot by me, Kara, and one of my camera guys Chris Cahoon.  I thought we needed some good natured fun so I hope this video brings some laughter to your day...I know it did to mine.  Enjoy the Triple "G" crew in their video premiere!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Remember When....

Click to see the video

For Easter we got all three boys Ipods...and this morning Michael came and asked me to put some new songs on his Ipod...and so we sat down in front of my computer and started looking for songs.....

The first song we found was "Remember When" by Alan Jackson and the minute it started to play I knew I was in trouble.  The song always makes me think about how much I love my wife and kids...and I'm a softie.....

Tears started coming to my eyes and the boys started wondering why I was crying.  They've seen me get emotional when I've thought of my Dad that's passed and wondered if I was thinking about "Grandpa Joe".  I explained to them that sometimes you cry a little because of what you love...and that they're happy tears.  I explained I was thinking about Mommy and the three of them.

Within 30 seconds I felt tears on my arm where JJ was laying.  I asked him what was wrong as I pulled him up to me and he said. "My love you so much Daddy."  Immediately Michael burst into tears and started saying, "My love Mommy."  Kevin looked around and didn't know what to do.  I told him it was okay to cry, but also okay not to cry...he went away for about 15 seconds and when he returned he said, "Look, I got a tear," as a tear wiped down his cheek.  We shared a group hug and then watched the video and I explained to them that the most wonderful thing in life is your family....and that sometimes you love them so much that the love has to come out of you...and when it does, it's a tear.  

Whoever you love...please let them know....there truly is nothing greater in this world than loving and being loved......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Beautiful- bridal shoot in an abandoned house

Check out the video of my shoot in the abandoned house in North Carolina!  The video contains the first walk through I did of the house when I discovered it, footage of me working with and shooting the bride, and 9 shots from the shoot that I love.  I hope you enjoy...this was one of my all time favorite shoots and I have to thank Christine again for making it possible.  Thanks did great!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Road Rage

I return from North Carolina and headed off to a day at Disneyland with the family yesterday in the late afternoon.  You always see on TV and sometimes on the side of the road people fighting with road rage and getting into it.  I never thought I'd be part of an incident but yesterday...I was.