Monday, May 11, 2009

Sydney Day 1

I have traveled to Europe, Asia, the Americas, Hawaiian Islands, and now Australia....and it's my favorite!!!!  I can't tell you in words how amazing this place is, and how wonderful the people are there.  They are like close cousins to laid back, friendly, and genuinely happy to have you in their country.  

We then returned to the hotel to pick up Cameron and Kara so we could find our locations for the wedding the next day.  I took the boys for breakfast in the restaurant and the Host accused me of having Swine Flu because I sniffled...and seriously refused to sit me.  I told him he either sat me or he left the restaurant...but that I wasn't leaving.  He decided to see things my way.  We went scouting locations the entire day which was awesome.  The top two pictures were taken at the end of the of the Opera House, and the other taken of the Sydney Bay from the Manly Beach cliffs which is where we were shooting the wedding the next day.  I was in heaven with all the picture opportunities.......and I am SO excited about the way the shots from the wedding turned out....but that's for another post.....

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Jinksee said...

What a beautiful looking place. I can't wait to see more. That's a funny story about your boys, too! Don't you love those moments? Love them! I have one of those..involvind me, trying to get out of a boat. Ohhh..good times, good times..