Monday, April 13, 2009

Kids Big Rock

After we left Zion's Canyon we started our drive to Colorado.  The drive is quite long and that can take a toll on a family with three 5-year old boys.  We have a goal that every time we pull over we find something fun to do if possible.  While driving we saw this huge rock just to the side of the road.  We took our van...did some off-roading and drove to the rock.  The boys unbuckled themselves and RAN to the rock.  This shot wasn't set up...they just ran because they needed to get their energy out.  


Leslie Roark Photography said...

AWWW! One day I will be as good as you about documenting our time with Kaydence. I just want to be a part of it so much that I always put the camera!

Happy Family said...

That rock was so fun. I can't believe that I climbed it too. There sure were a lot of cow pies around though! Thank goodness no one stepped in one!