Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painting- the photography industry has changed


After leaving WPPI...I can definitely say the industry has changed.  Leaving the awards ceremony you would think that you had accidentally attended an awards ceremony for painting...not photography.  I think what photographers do with painting makes complete sense...after all we have been telling people for years that photography is an art...maybe now that we are painting with photographs people will believe that even more.  

I went on a shoot the day after the convention ended and grabbed this shot.  I applied the techniques of painting photography and had some fun.  I don't see the industry turning back. The photographer of the year award at WPPI was given to Jennifer Hudson..and I can tell you that all of her award winning shots were paintings...constructed with shots from a camera.  Tell me what you think of the shot...and what you think on the changing nature of the photography industry.....

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