Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HDR- Noticing a trend????

I know I've been posting a lot about HDR this week but it truly is the new age of photography.  You either set or follow a trend...and real success lies in setting, not following.  I'm not saying I'm the quintessential trend setter...but I love exploring the new avenues of our industry and try to make decisions that will set us apart.  Can you imagine a bride and groom in front of this shot???  That would be cool.  This shot is another one from Indianapolis.  More to come soon!

Indianapolis-a great place for photography

I had never been to Indianapolis before and I just loved what I found.  The city is pretty small by LA, NY, or other area standards....and once you get outside the city it turns into open space pretty quickly.  But inside the city it's like a mix between Pittsburgh and Europe.  It has some great old  buildings and some wonderful manufacturing complexes.  If you love this kind of photography you won't be disappointed visiting Indy.  It was also cool because the NFL combine was going on and I got to see some players.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painting- the photography industry has changed


After leaving WPPI...I can definitely say the industry has changed.  Leaving the awards ceremony you would think that you had accidentally attended an awards ceremony for painting...not photography.  I think what photographers do with painting makes complete sense...after all we have been telling people for years that photography is an art...maybe now that we are painting with photographs people will believe that even more.  

I went on a shoot the day after the convention ended and grabbed this shot.  I applied the techniques of painting photography and had some fun.  I don't see the industry turning back. The photographer of the year award at WPPI was given to Jennifer Hudson..and I can tell you that all of her award winning shots were paintings...constructed with shots from a camera.  Tell me what you think of the shot...and what you think on the changing nature of the photography industry.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photoshop- no longer the future, but the present of photography

Walking through the rooms displaying the Accolades of Excellence winners at this years WPPI I am amazed at how much the industry has transformed from a photography related business to an art related business.  Knowing many of the photographers in the awards circle and how they got their is amazing to know that many shots are actually a compilation of 5 or more shots...combined into one.  I'm not saying it's a bad thing...but the awards hall should be a commercial for Adobe Photoshop...because the amount of work done after the photograph was actually taken is many times more time consuming than taking the actual shot.

Photography truly has become art..because it's not about always capturing a beautiful image in one's about using your portfolio to create a piece of art from the images you have taken...even if they are from multiple locations and different times.  The purist might disdain the current trend...stating that all photographs should be from what was taken...1 shot, 1 time. Are we photographers or artists....using a camera instead of a paint brush to paint our image? 

What say you?  

Friday, February 13, 2009

WPPI 2009- Going to Vegas

WPPI is back!  I'm heading up to Las Vegas and plan on meeting some friends and those who have worked with me while there to have a great time.  Leslie is coming all the way from Florida for her first WPPI (she's excited) and Don will also be there along with others.  

Not only are the classes and tradeshow going to be fun...but I will be doing several location shoots with models in the Vegas area which will be a blast.  If you're interested in hanging out shoot me an email at  I'll try to post every day if possible!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going to Australia

I'm very excited to announce that I will be going to shoot my first wedding in Australia!!!!!  The wedding is scheduled for this May in Sydney on the water....I can hardly wait...while I'm there I will be extending my trip to do some sightseeing as well as model shoots in Australia...and I'm taking my video guy Cameron and my family.  I am pumped!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drafting works....but it's a stupid idea

Ever heard of drafting in your car to save gas?  The theory is you get close behind a semi-truck which reduces your headwind and you get in the draft of the bigger vehicle in front of you...thus reducing your consumption of gas in your car.  

Friday, February 6, 2009

American Express- Don't Leave Home Without It- Part 2

So after parking the car I walked past the gate with the attendant booth and said, "I hope someday you are in a similar situation, but I hope you receive the help you need." The attendants shrugged their shoulders and ignored me. I walked outside the garage onto the street and had absolutely no idea what to do.

After walking around for about twenty minutes I called American Express knowing that I didn't have cash access as part of my plan. I asked them if they could give me the pin # so I could pull out cash and they said it wasn't part of my account program. The account representative was so nice and I had nothing better to I proceeded to tell him my story. He laughed at parts, sighed at parts, and at the end said, "That's really messed up....I'm so sorry to hear that."

He then said, "Let me place you on hold....I have an idea that might work." After waiting for a moment he came back on the line and said, "We're not supposed to do this..but I've received special permission to help you due to your circumstances." He then went on to explain to me that he would wire me the cash I need but I would have to pick it up at a Western Union or or Moneygram location. I thanked him profusely but then laughed and said, "I have no idea how to find a location...and the cabs won't take anything but cash."

He then responded, "That's okay...just tell me your street location and I'll lead you to the nearest location to you." At this point I said, "This totally sounds like an American Express commercial." He laughed and said, "I'm just doing my job." The agent then proceeded to find a location that was only 6 blocks from where I was standing. He stayed on the line for the entire time while I walked to the Moneygram location. He even stayed on the line and walked me through filling out the form. To top it off he called the Moneygram office to make sure they gave me the money. If this doesn't convince you that need an American Express...nothing will.

I left the office and truly couldn't believe that they bailed me out in such a tough situation. I walked the six blocks back to the parking garage and got into my car. I pulled the car down to the gate where the two ladies were waiting for me. I handed over my ticket and a $20 bill and the lady leaned across before handing me my change and asked, "So...I thought you had no did you get the cash?" "I smiled and said, "This is Miami, I sold my body." The lady looked at me cross-eyed not knowing whether I was serious or not and I said, "Now please, open the gate."

Thus ended one of the most unbelievable stories of my life....but a great story for a blog....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

American Express- don't go into a parking garage with it- Part 1

So I arrive in Miami and head in the rental car to Miami Beach where I'm staying at a hotel right on Ocean Blvd looking at the beautiful Miami beaches. I pull the car over to the Valet and after getting everything out they tell me I need to pay before checking in...which typically isn't the case. They explain they only take cash...and unfortunately I didn't have any..I accidentally left my debit card and cash at home and only had my business American Express. They told me I would have to park my car in a parking garage about three blocks away....

I take the car to the parking garage and before pulling in I ask the attendant, "You take credit cards right?" She nods a "Yes" and I proceed to pull the car into a parking space. I take my luggage to the hotel and drop it off...I then go back to the car to head off to a movie theater...the whole process taking about 10 minutes. I drive the car down to the parking attendant to pay and upon handing over my AMEX she says, "We don't take this......"

I am now growing tired of the anti-Amex treatment I'm receiving in this city. I proceed to remind her that she told me they took credit cards...she says, "Yeah, but only Visa and Mastercard." I reply, "That's not posted anywhere." She replies back, "I guess you need to do a better job of asking your questions." She then continues..."Pay, or move your car." I said, "I've only been here 10 minutes...can't you give me a break?" She said, "No." I proceed to show her my wallet to demonstrate I have no cash and no other cards....she is not persuaded. She calls her supervisor who comes and tells me..."Pay or move."

The two ladies then chew me out asking me what kind of man doesn't have cash with them.....I ask them to please help me out and explain that I'm not able to pull cash out via my Amex account...and they just look at me like I'm a bum...they tell me to call a friend and I show them my driver's license from California...the literally laughed. At this point another car gets behind me and they pick up the phone to call the I go in reverse and park the car...I'm now stuck in Miami with no cash and no car....isn't life grand?