Sunday, August 31, 2008

Myomed Ragnar Great River

Below are images from the Myomed Ragnar Great River Relay Race that runs a whopping 205 miles from La Crosse Wisconsin to Minneapolis Minnesota. We started off the race watching the Ragnar guys getting interviewed by CBS news for the race. As you can tell by the shots below the race route is absolutely gorgeous. It follows the Mississippi River pretty much all the way down...making for some great shots.

The sunset was gorgeous as the sun turned deep red and ran into a dark blue sky. These Ragnar races are so great to shoot as a photographer because of the different lighting, terrain, and conditions that are present at each race. It was a great time.....we'll be doing the next one in Washington DC in three weeks!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Venice Beach Engagement

Below are pictures taken this month at an engagement session done at Venice Beach down in So Cal. Venice Beach is so amazing because you have so many different backgrounds, settings, people, water, everything!

One thing I really recommend is to find a great place that shows the heart and grit of a city and incorporate a great couple to make some very dynamic photos. I can't thank the bride and groom enough....judging from their engagement session the wedding in November will be fantastic. I also have to thank my main photographer Don Atherton for shooting with me...I always love shooting with him....he has several shots below....including the one with the sail boat that I really love. Plus, finding the area down by the water where the waves crashed so hard on the rocks was just unbelievable. Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Santa Monica Engagement

These are shots taken for an engagement session with Scott and Noemi down in Santa Monica earlier this month. We started the session with me following Scott and Noemi from a short distance while walking on the boardwalk. I got stopped by security who thought I was there either as a paparazzi or shooting some kind of a production without a permit. It's very common to get stopped in LA because of the Hollywood productions going on. They took my information and by the time I got back out there the couple was gone! They didn't know I had been taken away by security.....

Well, we met back up and really got started and got some great shots. Some of my favorite were taken in the underpass where it had some great lighting that I just loved. Scott and Noemi are getting married next month in Malibu and I'm sure it will be a beautiful wedding. Thanks to Scott and Noemi for making it a great shoot!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Myomed Ragnar Northwest Passage

Below are pictures from the Myomed Ragnar Northwest Passage Race that our team shot in July. It is a great race that goes from Blaine, WA (1 mile from the Canadian border) all the way down to Seattle. It's a beautiful stretch and a tremendous amount of fun. I have to thank my team of Michael, Brady, and Chris for everything they did to make this race a success as we drove the race route hanging out of the SUV shooting photography and videography and of course blaring music the whole way.

A big thanks as well to the Ragnar team for choosing to work with us in these incredible races. We just finished shooting the Great River Race from Wisconsin to Minnesota 2 days ago and will be in Washington DC next month. If you haven't done one of these either as a runner or photographer, you should....they are a blast.