Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bourbon Street New Orleans

WOW!!!! My long trip is finally coming close to ending.....and I'm ready to go home. I did have the amazing opportunity to spend the last three days in New Orleans. If you've never been here you can't imagine what it's like. Bourbon street is the symbol of New Orleans....and it's an amazing place.

On one street alone you'll find so many different things....psychics, shops, restaurants, voodoo, bars, karaoke, street performers, and a few houses of ill repute... From a photography standpoint it's so dynamic and amazing with the lights and all the personalities. I'm heading back to spend some time with the family tomorrow, but I never can forget New Orleans.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Filling the time clock...and time zones

Life is crazy right now. I just returned from quite a day of meetings. I was out in Naples Florida doing some work with hotels out in the area. Yesterday morning I flew out of Naples to Chicago. I had a quick lunch at Bandera (great place), and then a 1 hour meeting with a client. From that meeting I left and flew back to LA.....so I went from East to Central to Pacific Time Zones...all in one day....that's crazy. I stayed in LA Wednesday night and now fly out to Seattle. From Seattle I come back to LA and then 12 hours later fly out to New Orleans. Is this crazy??????? That's the reason for the delay in posting.

Good news is that I've booked a 11-day trip for the family to Maui in early August so they can join me as I get some work done out there. That will help us to reconnect which is needed. The coolest thing is that Kara and the boys joined me in the hotel in Los Angeles last night and we watched Speed Racer on the TV movies. Simple but so important to reconnect. I'll post some pics when I can!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Night on Hana Highway

A night on the Hana Highway was an amazing thing....and true. Back in Maui I took a trip down the famous Hana Highway...or the "Road to Hana." A little ways back there was an earthquake on the island that cut the road off at the end and made it impossible to circle the island. I was told that the road was fixed so I took off on the road. After driving four hours down the road I came to where the road stopped....due to the earthquake....the road was still closed! If I had been able to continue down the road I would have been back to my hotel in only 1 hour....

By this time it was about 10pm and I was looking at a four hour trip back the way I came. With no alternatives (there are no hotels) I turned around and headed back. One of the reasons the road is so long is because of how windy and narrow it is...so driving it when tired isn't recommended. I started driving and had to pull over everytime I was tired. I ended up sleeping on the side of the road numerous times. Talk about a mind trip.....try waking up in the middle of paradise, at night, in a rental car.....you think you're still dreaming after you woken up. I finally made it back to the hotel by early morning. It was a night I will never forget....by the way...all the shots below are taken handheld without any type of tripod or monopod.....I LOVE MY D3!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'll carry you

There is so much that we do for our children, and our children give us so much back. But there are times where a parent is given something back that they'll never forget. Kara and I took our boys to Disneyland for an all day event. I'm traveling quite a bit now so we make sure to do a lot of fun things as a family to make sure to stay connected. We stayed in the Disney hotel the night before which was a blast. We got up the next morning and got into the park by 7am. We were there until midnight. It was a blast and as a family it was a day we'll never forget.

As we were leaving the boys just couldn't walk...they were too tired. We couldn't take a shuttle because we were parked at the hotel so we had to walk. Carrying all of our stuff plus three 5-year olds wasn't possible...but we couldn't tell that to the boys. I picked up two of them (Michael and Kevin) in my arms and walked as far as we could. Kara helped JJ. I left the boys and Kara at downtown Disney (about 1/2 mile from the parking lot). They all fell onto the grass and waited for me....except for my son Kevin. Kevin asked to come with me. After taking 5 steps he asked me to pick him up and I did. While walking Kevin had his head nuzzled in my neck. He then said to me, "I love you Daddy. Someday when I get bigger and you get smaller......I'll carry you." It was at that moment I realized how much our children understand the spirit of service...and how they learn by example. I now look forward to the day where my sons will be able to say...."It's okay Daddy I'll carry you."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

East Maui Bridals

Below are pictures from a bridal portrait session with Ashley on the East Side of Maui. It was taken during a beautiful sunset....and lucky thing that the water was warm because it made it easier for her to get a little wet! I just can't get enough of Maui....it's such a beautiful island....so diverse with so many different settings to choose from.

The bridal shoot was so much fun...but a little funny as well. I had to leave to the airport straight from the shoot so I had my slacks and dress shoes on. I didn't expect to get into the water but the shots were just too good. After the shoot I had to find my shoes but couldn't because it was so dark. By the time I found them I took off to the airport and literally ran to the plane. I boarded just as they were closing the gate...and got some hilarious looks from the other passengers as my shoes sloshed through the aisles...and my slacks were wet all the way up. I love Hawaii and can't wait to get back!