Thursday, August 14, 2008


On Tuesday we went to Kaanapali, the most tourist friendly part of the island. If you want great food, fabulous hotels, and an awesome beach this is the place to go. We're staying at the Hyatt and that's a great hotel to visit if you ever go. We all walked down to the beach and had a great lunch at Leilani's....and then we found ourselves in the water before we knew it.

Kara took pictures of us swimming with the boys which was a lot of fun. We then got out of the water where the boys proceeded to pose for every picture with a Kung Fu Panda pose. They then showed us their best Kung Fu kick....and then started to dance and sing with the poolside singer at the Sheraton...We went back to the hotel and were so tired we just ordered room service for dinner. The boys were so tired that they were asleep before it arrived. When they woke up Wednesday morning Michael asked me, "Dad, did they bring my Mac n' Cheese yet?" When I told him it came last night he was sorely disappointed....but soon forgot once we got breakfast. Another adventurous day in Maui...

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