Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ruby Tuesdays

There's a chain of restaurants named Ruby's with a location on the pier in Oceanside, CA. We have made it a family tradition to go to Ruby's every Tuesday with the boys. We try to limit their weekly sugar intake but we always get the boys an ice cream when we go to Ruby's. J.J. had a chocolate banana, Kevin had chocolate peanut butter, Michael had strawberry, and Kara and I shared a brownie sundae.

It helps to have traditions that you keep to...especially when my job takes me on the road. I'm back in Hawaii even looking at these pictures makes me miss my boys and wife SO MUCH! In order of pictures, JJ is on top, Michael in the middle, and Kevin on the bottom. I'll make sure to post pictures from Hawaii later on!


Eric Foley said...

They look like they are having so much fun, ahhh to be young again!

Thanks for that last post, your right. We often get so caught up in photographing other peoples live and forget to capture ours. I'm trying to teach my wife the ranks of a photographer, mainly so I could be in a few images. lol

Jacob Bergmeier said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the ones of the weekly things my father and I used to do. Even the ride in the truck on the way to the dump when we would stop at Dunkin' Donuts and "not tell mom." Sounds to me that "Ruby's" will be one of those places for your son.

family time is key!

Jinksee said...

Oh wow..what an enjoyable treat! :D I love how happy they look to be eating such delicious ice cream, and spending time together. :D Traditions are awesome..especially family ones. I bet they appreciate this time spent with you when you're home. :D

Rebecca Tyler said...

Your boys are adorable. LOVE those smiles. You are certainly creating some fun memories!

Memories by Micha said...

They are just precious! You guys always have so much fun!