Thursday, May 8, 2008

Father-Son Time

My Dad was one of the smartest men I've ever known....I know, I know...a lot of people would say that. But he had multiple Master's Degrees and on top of that he seemed to know every answer to the game show Jeopardy...and he wasn't watching reruns. As smart as he was...he chose a less busy life, stopped going to law school, and decided to be a fantastic Dad. He was always a great provider...but nothing came before his family. I took this anonymous picture of a Dad and his son about two years ago.

I've always loved the shot...because it shows me how important it is for a Dad to take care of the limited time he has with his children...before they're all grown up. Last weekend I missed a Father-Son camping trip for our church due to being in Hawaii. I told my sons there was nothing in the world that would keep me from making it up to them. So on Friday we are leaving Kara at home for some personal relaxation time...and my boys and I are going camping! The boys haven't stopped talking about it...and we're very excited to go. I'll make sure to get pics!!

For all of you out can always make a dollar you've lost, always have another meeting, always watch another game....but you can NEVER get back a moment that you miss with your children. I'm missing the Lakers game tomorrow and I didn't even realize I was when we made our plans...but nothing could make me miss a camping trip with my boys.


Leslie Roark said...

Okay.. I know I've been a bit more sappy the last few weeks but this was SO sweet. I can't wait until Kaydence is old enough for us to do Mother-Daughter things like that! Have fun with the boys and tell them Aunt Lazy loves them and misses them!

Rebecca Tyler said...

Amen! It is so important to be there for our children...while we still can and they still want us around them. :o)Creating those wonderful memories are truly priceless.

Jinksee said...

you hit it right on the nose, and i'm sure your boys will treasure this trip with you. what a great post...olne to remember every day.

TripletsRus said...

I am home alone now and almost don't know what to do with myself! I am getting a chick flick and I am going to eat a whole pack of oreos!!

I can not wait to see pics of you and the boys. Love you and miss you already!