Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here is a quick example of what I was doing on Valentines Day. My wife loves New York, and unfortunately she wasn't able to join me on my trip. So I thought I would bring New York to her. I snuck over some of the guard rails and snapped these shots in freezing weather as a present to my wife. I also took a quick video of me telling her how much I love her with the NY skyline as the background. But so everyone knows how I feel...a quick message to Kara.....

You are the reason I dream
You are the reason I breathe

You allow me to live
You allow me to love

I can't imagine life without you
I can't remember life before you

You are my best friend
You are my only love

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
You are the only thing that will ever happen to me
I thank you for choosing me
I thank you for loving me

I love you for being you
I love you for loving me



triplescoopmom said...

Wow Jason. I love what you wrote just for me. I feel like the luckiest wife in the whole world. You are such a romantic-just the kind of guy I always wanted and have! I miss you soooo bad! I would have LOVED to spend Valentines Day with my favorite person in my most favorite place ever. I love you so much. I thank the Lord every day that He brought you into my life.
Those pics are amazing. Thanks for capturing that just for me.
Now hurry and come home so we can have a date night!!

Jacob Bergmeier said...

Great job Jason. Thank you for the kind words on my blog as well. The photo of NYC was amazing!

Jeret Slack said...

glad you had a great time boss.. see you soon...


Leslie Roark said...

AWWWW!! That was SO sweet!!!

Melissa Koehler said...

Very sweet!

Memories by Micha said...

That was just too sweet I am going to have to let my husband read this one, lol! Those shots should be on a postcard!

Jinksee said...

Ok..crying over here!! What a nice Valentines gift to your wife. She must have loved that. :D Beautiful photos, too..

Eric Foley said...

You are a Mack Daddy! As much as I dislike the Yankees, I love the city!

Nice nightscapes!

Ruby said...

What beautiful words Jason~

Your pic's are awesome.