Saturday, January 26, 2008


I apologize for the long delay in posts.....I have been unusually busy than even before...which is too busy. We've been busy pulling all the companies, Jason Lanier Photography, Lanier Weddings, Lanier Cinematics, and Jason Lanier Personal Gallery into our one parent company Jason Lanier Productions, or JLPROS INC. We have also touched up some of the websites which has been fun as well as a lot of hard work. I will put a quick blog post on all the companies individually over the next explain a little bit more. We're having fun...and I appreciate all the support as we continue to grow our business. Check out for more information!



Leslie Roark Photography said...

Congrats! Everything is looking great!!

Jinksee said...

Sounds overwhelming, but very rewarding. :D

Nataly Lemus said...

Remember to take a breather :)

Heath Orrell said...

i think when we bring on new photographers, we should do it like darth vader, "join me, and we will shoot weddings as father and..." hmmm, i guess that won't work at all.

anyway, i am glad that the critiques were given due creedence and changes have been made. onward and upward!!

Steven Kang said...

Dude, you got it going on brother.
Congrats and yeah, remember to breath. :)