Saturday, June 30, 2007

My recommendations-Cool Stuff

The weekly "toy" review!

Today my pick is the DVDirect by Sony.

I can hook up my HD camcorder directly to this thing and it burns a DVD for me. You can transfer home movies and digital photos quickly and easily with no computer needed. I can hook up my pro video cameras and get instant DVD's! Great for customers who just want the raw footage of an event. This thing is so user friendly my wife could figure it out. It rocks! The DVDirect gets 5 stars from me! *****

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a fun day

My wife and I talked to so many brides and grooms on the phone today! I just have so much fun talking to all you happy couples.

There is something so special about those who are newly engaged. You can hear the excitment and happiness in their voice. It brightens my day!

I am super excited that my 8 year anniversary is coming up on July 17th. I will be traveling with my wife and shooting some weddings while we are gone. What a fun thing to do on our anniversary trip. We will share in our celebration with other couples celebrating their new life together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Looking for a new way to spend your time? How 'bout suing your neighbors. All of them!

Check this out!

(The link is long-paste both lines in your web browser)

My wife sent this link to me. Crazy! CRAZY I tell ya!

I guess you can make a profession out of anything nowadays!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The cursed day-June 22

How many things can go wrong in one day? Oh let's count the ways.

1.A leak from the upstairs washing machine causing major damage to my ceiling and wood flooring in my family room. Fortunately our plumbing is still under warranty in our new home.

2.I ran out of gas on the way home-thank goodness close to a gas station (I was talking on the phone alright. I was not paying attention!)

3.A friend's daughter drew a nice picture on my leather couch with a sharpie marker (hey, no hard feelings. She is 2! My wife's fault for leaving the marker in her reach)

4.Same little adorable girl stained my living room rug (wife was cleaning the rug while little adorable girl found marker)

5.My son broke his toe

6.On the way out the door to the hospital for ex-rays of my son's foot my other son pulled on a cord and brought a lamp down on his face and he split his lip open

7.Our renters (in our condo by the lake) had a clogged toilet and decided to replace the toilet without asking us. They stayed a night in a hotel (huh? There are 2 bathrooms in the condo!) while the toilet was being replaced and decided that we should be paying for the hotel, food, and new toilet. Huh? I won't even mention how much the plumber is charging!

Yes, all this in one day. We will be moving out for a few days while some major work will be done in our home to fix the leak damage. Holes in walls, flooring torn up, washing machine out of use, now that is a reason to stay in a hotel for a few days!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A tradition that never lasted

Did you know that it used to be considered good luck for a cat to eat out of the bride's shoe one week before the wedding? Somehow this superstition never survived.

Hmmm...wonder why that one didn't catch on?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why the Honeymoon?

All this week I will be posting about interesting wedding traditions from around the world or explanations of current traditions. It is all facinating stuff!

Why the Honeymoon?

In ancient times, many of the first marriages were by capture, not choice. When early man felt it was time to take a bride, he would often carry off an unwilling woman to a secret place where her relatives wouldn't find them. While the moon went through all its phases, (about 30 days) they hid from the searchers and drank a brew made from honey. Hence, we get the word, honeymoon.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Marriage Customs

Wedding traditions from around the world are so fascinating. So, every
day this week I will post some traditions that I find interesting. lists a variety of wedding traditions. For example:

"In Indonesia it is not uncommon for more than 1,000 guests to be invited
to the wedding reception and it is customary for the bride and the
groom to greet each guest in a long receiving line before the reception
festivities can begin."

And I thought the receiving line at my
wedding went on forever! Seriously though, what a great way to
personally thank every guest for attending your wedding.

"In Korea it is traditional for a fortune-teller, known as a kung-hap,
to look into the couple’s future before they are married in order to
see if they will live harmoniously together. A harmonious union is very
important since the engagement gifts alone for a traditional Korean
wedding can cost upwards of $40,000"

I guess if I was going to give a gift that expensive I too would want
some kind of guarantee that the new couple would stay together for a while!

Isn't that what we really hope for all newlyweds anyway? Expensive gift or
budget gift. We just want the new couple to enjoy a life long marriage
full of happiness.

"An early Filipino custom required the
groom to throw a spear into the front steps of his intended-bride’s
home. This was a dramatic symbol to everyone that she had been spoken
for. Today this tradition has been replaced with a gold engagement
ring. Today the majority of Filipino weddings are Catholic, but in days
gone by a Filipino wedding lasted three days, with ceremonies performed
each day until the third day when the couple joined hands and declared
their love for each other three times and their hands were bound
together with a chord and the priest declared them married."

If weddings in our day and time lasted for 3 days photographers would be rich!
Wouldn't three days be cool though? I hear so many brides complain that
their wedding day flew by too fast. Some did not even stop to enjoy a piece
of cake. If weddings lasted 3 days maybe we could stop and enjoy it a
little longer.