Thursday, November 15, 2007

Casa Romantica

If you have 3 minutes to look at a beautiful bride, PLEASE check out this slideshow from a shoot I did with a bride named Karly Atherton this week. We went to a gorgeous beachfront mansion in San Clemente, CA named Casa Romantica. When you see the pictures you will know why they named it that. Please let me know what you think!!
For all future brides out there....FIND A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER AND LET THEM TAKE YOU OUT FOR A SHOOT LIKE THIS. It's the only time you'll wear such a beautiful dress and get to be a princess. Take advantage of the moment!!


AmbiancePhotography said...

SO SO SO AWESOME! I can't wait to wear my wedding dress!!!!!!!

Jinksee said...

Whit-whew!!! Lovely photos. So classy and charming. LOVE them. :D This bride is absolutely lucky to have you as the photographer. :D

Eric Foley said...

Beautiful work man! I love the song on the slide, who is it?

The last image has a nice moody feel, love it.

Hey, I see your a sag, when is your b-day, mine is nov. 24

Josh and Me said...

KARLY you are so beautiful!!!! Jason.. talk about talent and knowing how to make the magic!
Oh, my goodness youre so good. What song is that on the slide show? do tell. Cant wait to see the slide show of the wedding day! Love you guys.

Josh and Me said...

bye the way this is ambyr your cousin who you havent seen in like.. oh... 3 years.