Sunday, October 28, 2007


I recently did a touch up on the photos and slideshows to one of our weddings we shot at the beginning of the year. This was actually the wedding where we met the best man....who happened to be Heath! Check it out!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh My My My

Check out this awesome wedding that Don and Heath shot in Los Angeles while Leslie and I were shooting in Pittsburgh. I love the song in the slideshow by Taylor Swift which is named Oh My My My. Check out the slideshow below!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Triumph in Pittsburgh

WOW! We had a fantastic shoot in Pittsburgh and Sharon, Pennsylvania. David and Tori were magnificent and truly a couple that can deal with adversity. We started off the shoot in a beautiful church that was amazing and then headed off to a watermill to have a photo shoot....

Well, the limo driver got lost...and that killed the time for the photo shoot. So then we went to the Reception and I walked up to the DJ to ask him what the first dance song was going to be. He told me he didn't know because he thought the bride and groom were bringing the CD....I told him he might want to check with the B&G....when he did and she said she didn't have it the poor bride looked so disappointed...

Leslie and I then decided enough was enough (play the dramatic superhero music)....I asked David and Tori what the song was (Want To by Sugarland). I then pulled out the laptop, hooked up the wireless internet card....downloaded the song from Itunes...and Leslie loaded the song onto my Ipod.

When we went and showed the couple we had the made for a Kodak....I mean Nikon moment. The first dance was beautiful as was the rest of the Reception. We then asked them if they would like a private photo shoot after the wedding...and boy am I happy they said, "Yes." We took them throughout the alley ways....old courthouse buildings.....and even in the middle of the street. It was one of our best shoots ever. Take a look at their slideshow and let me know what you think!!!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Into the future!

Many of you know me for my photography....but as of today....I am completely free to devote all of my time to photography. For the last 10 years I have worked my way from a front desk agent at a Days Inn to an Executive Committee Member for Starwood Hotels, working as the Director of Six Sigma based out of the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. I have given my resignation, and today was my last day on the job.

I have managed to grow a business while continuing my employment with Starwood which has provided me some awesome opportunities. During my ten years I have worked for Days Inn, Comfort Inn, Amerisuites, Ramada, Sheraton, Marriott, Interstate, and Starwood. I have many dear friends in the hotel industry that have watched my love for photography....and have encouraged me to take the big leap when I was ready.

Well, today is the day!!!!! I will be devoting all of my time to photography...which will greatly help me to grow the business even more! I still have some consulting opportunities with hotels on the side...but my devotion will be to all of my wonderful clients, my wonderful team of Don, Michael, Leslie, Heath, Cameron, and Brady, and to my family. I'm very excited that I can pursue my dream on a full time basis....and I SINCERELY thank all of my former colleagues and friends for everything they have done for me over the last 10 years. You guys are the BEST and you will be missed.



Friday, October 12, 2007

Procrastination doesn't pay

Well...we all know this lesson....but how well do we follow it? I received a fix it ticket 4 months ago...and I have never taken care of it. The ticket was for having window tint too dark on the front windows. It's a $10 ticket and I have to remove the tint. Well, I've been so busy and haven't made this a priority. I received a notice stating I was going to have my license suspended TODAY for not taking care of it. I have a wedding in I went to the courthouse early in the morning to take care of it before I left.

There was such a long line...and by the time I got to the court teller he told me if I wanted the charges reduced I'd have to see the judge. Well, at that point I only had 45 minutes before the plane I had to pay the fine in total and leave. THE FINE WAS $572.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made my flight and I'm sure I'll have a wonderful day tomorrow shooting in Pittsburgh. Moral of the story...

Whatever you have in your life that you haven't taken care of and it's really bothering's not going to go will only get worse. Take care of it today before it costs you tomorrow.

Take care,


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thunder and Lightning

Many of you know I was a landscape photographer for years before finding out just how truly amazing wedding photography is.....well I'll never stop shooting landscape....there's such a challenge on fighting with nature to get the shot. You can't tell it to, "Pose, smile, don't move"...etc. It does what it wants to do....and therein lies the challenge. I've tried to take that same mentality into my wedding make the most of any matter what it gives me.

This slideshow is of the most fantastic lightning storm I have ever witnessed. This took place in July of this year off of Jekyll Island, Georgia. My wife wasn't very happy with me for running out to the ocean....and planting a large tripod and camera which could have served as a lightning rod....but I am crazy when I see a shot I want. Take a look and let me know what you think....I will be launching an additional website in the near future with all of my landscape photography called the Jason Lanier Gallery Collection.

P.S. My sons always sit on my lap when I work on my pictures. As I was building this slideshow they kept saying..."Oooh beautiful....oooohh SCARY." It was really cute......

It's less than 2 minutes ENJOY!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ten things I learned in South Carolina.......

The top ten things I learned this weekend on an engagement shoot in South Carolina....

New vocabulary

1. Chunk...what does it mean?? To throw...I thought it meant a fat kid..

2. Rurnt....pronounced like burnt... It means ruined. This takes some time to learn how to say correctly.

3. "Rock the tutu." This is what southern men yell at their daughter's ballet performance.
4. Mash= means to push...????

5. Cut up...this is what I was saying after walking barefoot at the beach. It means to act crazy.

6. There are fire red ants on the beach...they bite...and it really hurts when you're laying on the ground for a shot....THEY REALLY HURT.

7. Bikers converge on Myrtle Beach, S.C. and take over the town during the first week of October....makes for very interesting engagement shots.

8. Grooms who are cops don't feel comfortable around bikers...

9. Brides who are former bikers love being around bikers....

10. Making the bride and groom walk through a parking lot full of bikers and tell them to hitchhike...priceless.

There are many great places around the world to get engagement shots....for the time of your life...there is South Carolina.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Get out the VOTE!

Okay wife is always pushing me to enter contests....and I promise her that I will...and then I don't. She then signed me up for a contest for the local Fox television station for Best Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles. I told her I wouldn't ask for votes unless she got me to at least 25% of the vote without asking.....well for those of you who know my wife, she is very persistent. We started off yesterday losing to another photographer named Zarek, who at the time had 78% of the vote. My wife started campaigning with previous clients of mine, and as of right now (Thursday at 4pm) we have trimmed Zarek's lead from 78% to 48%, and I have gone from 0% to almost 30%.

So if you feel so inclined please click on the link and can even leave a comment and/or picture if you like. You can even vote against me if you like...please don't.....just vote if you have a moment....and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you elect me the Best Wedding Photographer in LA...if I win. If I win I promise to shoot 1 wedding completely free for next year.....that's not a bribe is it?

New Video from our videography team

Check out this video that my video department put together. My boy Brady Bluhm put this together...I'm very glad he's working for me. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Landscape Wedding Photography

I have 4 photographers that work for me....and each wedding i challenge them to find at least 5 new shots., No matter how many weddings we shoot, it's the photographer's responsibility go find somthing new and unique that sets that wedding apart from other weddings. Having started the first 15 years of my career shooting landscaphe photography, I thought it would be really neat to always take some landscape shots....and the client love them.

One more note. below is a picture of the groom where we caught a great shot of him blowing all the smoke out into the air. It really looks pretty cool...more to come later.

Light in New Jersey

A huge thanks to one of my favorite photographers Leslie Roark. This is the second time we've shot together (she's the one who bailed me out when I had my emergency in Pensacola, Fl). We shot this awesome wedding at a house built in the 1700's in the farm country of New Jersey.

We started the day off showing up to the wedding early, and we saw this dry riverbed that's on the estate. We thought it would be fun for us to get some "action shots" of us taking photography. It was fun and the pictures turned out pretty good...I think.

We then went inside the house and had an unbelievable shoot inside the living room. There was a stain glassed window with a grand piano that served for an unbelievable location for a shoot.

From the bride to the bridesmaids to the flower girl, it was beautiful. There is nothing more gorgeous than capturing natural light.
The only adventure of the night was the GPS we used in the car. We typed in the city where we needed to go and it took us to some place in the middle of nowhere. I then told Leslie that my wife has a whole comedy routine written about me and my GPS.
By the end of the night, Leslie completely understood the need for the comedy bit due to my complete reliance on the GPS. There was one time we told it to take us to McDonald's and it literally took us in a giant 3 mile circle that included getting on and off the freeway. It was pretty ridiculous. A huge thanks to the bride Maria for affording us the opportunity to shoot this fantastic wedding. More pictures to come later!!