Friday, September 28, 2007

Magic in Pennsylvania

The picture above is from the wedding I shot last weekend in Rockford, PA. The wedding took place at the Rockford Plantation, a building over 200 years old and visited by George Washington! The bride above is Joyce Burgess, and we had a ton of fun shooting this shot. I'm back in Pennsylvania this weekend for a wedding on Saturday in Sergeantville, New Jersey. Believe it or not, this actually went off without a hitch. No crazy stories other than me getting wildly sick thanks to Burger king the night before. But after some fervent prayers...I was all better in a matter of an hour. Prayer does work. Thanks to my buddy Heath Orrell for shooting the wedding with me...he did an outstanding job.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Engaged, Get Arrested

How do you like that scenario?

I take Chris and Karly out to Oceanside beach for their engagement shoot, and they get arrested! I have to admit that I was surprised,...normally I'm the one who would end up arrested. I should mention it was all in good fun. A really cool cop named Office Silverston drove up to us on the beach while we were shooting and asked us to let him know when he could pass without messing up the shot.

We jumped on the opportunity and asked him to turn on his lights as he passed. He not only obliged with that request, but he then got out and handcuffed Chris and Karly to each other while motioning for them to get into the car! What an awesome cop! Needless to say, Chris and Karly will have some of the most unique engagement shots around.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is there a kid in your trunk?

I'm sitting here writing this blog listening to Collective Soul. If you haven't listened to them you should, they are great and they just released a new album called Afterwords. Well, the shoot in San Fran was FANTASTIC! Alyssa and Dan were so awesome and the pictures turned out great because of their enthusiasm and personalities.

One funny story....My videographer's name is Brady. We TOTALLY broke the law by placing him in the back of our Subaru Forester (which is a hatchback) so he could shoot the couple riding through the streets in a horse drawn carriage (anything for the shot right)? We had the hatchback door completely open on the back while he rode back (while we drove slowly) in front of the carriage to capture this incredible moment.
We captured about 5 minutes of this and then decided to drive back to the ceremony site to pick up our gear that we left (nothing smarter than leaving tens of thousands of dollars of equipment where anyone can get it right)? We planned on stopping and letting Brady jump into the front seat....well before we had the chance to do so we passed a cop car!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily the cop car was stuck waiting to turn and couldn't follow right behind us....Brady tells me to step on it, turn into a side street to let him out before the cops catch up to us....I pulled over, Brady hopped out, and about 10 seconds later the cop car pulls in behind us. Brady by this point walked with the video gear into a shop to hide. I pull out to start driving and immediately the cop car pulls me over. He yells out his window to me, "Hey, do you have a kid sitting in your trunk/hatchback thing?" (By the way, Brady is 24 and looks very young). I rolled down the window and very honestly replied, "No." "Are you sure?" the cop asks me, "I could have SWORN I saw a kid sitting in your back." I replied, "You are more than welcome to check officer." He looked at me and looked pretty ticked off and then drove off shaking his head.

What's a Jason Lanier Photography wedding without a story right? It'd be nice to not always have drama, but we do anything to get the shot, and that usually leads to drama. Check out the shots of the wedding and let me know what you think. The complete shots and slideshow will be available later this week.



Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Slideshow

Well I'm up in San Francisco for a shoot today with my team. We'll be shooting video this weekend and the venue is fantastic, right on the water with the entire city in the background. The wedding is actually on the Sausalito waterfront.

I love this picture that I got a few weeks ago in Florida while shooting at the Club Med. This is the bride's daughter, and when I caught her looking at me through the slats of the chair I had to snap a shot.

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. Check out our new slideshow which is a compilation of all the work we have done so far this year.



Sunday, September 2, 2007

This story is true

WOW! I've gone to some great lengths during my career to get the best shot possible, but never before have I had so many things thrown in my way to get the shoot.

I had a "red-eye" flight out of San Diego with Delta last Friday to fly to Pensacola Beach, Florida to shoot a wedding. My flight was going to arrive in Florida at 8am on Saturday morning. The wedding for Anthony and Jordan started at 7pm, but I planned to arrive at 5pm to start shooting the pre-wedding shots. My day started off with the hotel losing my dry cleaning, so I had to no clothes but the ones I was wearing, no problem I thought, I'll just buy some clothes when I get into Florida....

I get to the airport, check in, and just as I get to the gate....Delta announces they are cancelling my flight that leaves at 10:30pm, and another flight won't leave until next morning...

I do the mad dash with about 300 other people to the ticket counters, and then opt for the telephones to the Delta reservations center. They tell me the earliest flight won't get me into Pensacola until 6pm....way too late!

I sit down on the airport floor, pull out my laptop with wireless internet, and book a ONE WAY flight to Pensacola through Continental for $400 that will get me into Pensacola at 2:30pm on Saturday. I go back to the hotel, stay the night, and return to the airport 5 hours later to catch the one way flight leaving at 6am. I go to check in and the Continental employee marks my ticket as needing additional security screening.

My bags are pulled, and due to having so much equipment, it takes forever. He pulls everything out, even takes the lens off my camera...and then leaves everything on the table and says, "Have a good shoot," and walks away. I pack everything up, run to the plane, and get on with 5 minutes to spare as they call my name over the P.A.

I'm on the plane and think..."okay, it's been rough, but now I've made it." That was short lived. We fly from San Diego to Houston for a connection flight and I change planes to a small commuter plane. We get on the plane and they tell us things are going to be hot because one of the two AC units on the plane is broken. We take off and start the bumpiest plane ride of my life. It's unbelievably hot and bumpy...but I don't care as long as I get to Florida....

The pilot then announces that the second AC unit on the plane has just gone problem except for the fact that the AC units are also the pressurization units for the plane! We are going to make an emergency landing in Baton Rouge, we make our landing, the plane goes up and down causing constant groans and moans from the passengers...

We land, and they tell us to get off the plane. I don't know if you've ever been to the Baton Rouge airport, but it's tiny, and Continental doesn't fly out of there, they only landed there due to necessity. Since it's a commuter plane, we actually deplane onto the tarmac, and then I ask for my luggage. They won't give it to me, and say they have no idea if the plane will fly again because they don't have mechanics at that airport. I refuse to leave the tarmac without my luggage because I need my camera, and I need to make other travel arrangements. The pilot won't give it to me, and refuses to do anything until I guilt him by saying, "I just want you to know that when you go to bed tonight, just realize that you will be responsible for ruining a brides wedding." He then gives me my luggage.

I decide I've had enough of flying, and just don't trust the airlines anymore. I rent a car from Avis and start the over 300 mile trek to's 3pm, and I have 4 hours before the wedding starts to make it through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and then into Florida. I start moving faster than I should admit to (my wife reads the blog), and go through thunderstorms, etc. to make it there...

While driving I hook up on the phone with a photographer named LESLIE ROARK who completely SAVES me. My wife found her as a local Pensacola photographer, and Leslie runs to the shoot at 5:30pm to take the pre-wedding shots. I literally arrive in Pensacola at 6:59pm, just as the bride and her Dad are walking from the beach house towards the beach to walk down the aisle...


I haven't shaved, I'm wearing the same black slacks, and white dress shirt I have worn for two days....and just start shooting. It turns into one of the best shoots of my life....We took the wedding party down into the water...but then later on in the evening we took the bride and groom down to the beach, and they got into the water HEAD to TOE. How cool is that?

Thanks Anthony and made the trek COMPLETELY worth it. And it serves as a lesson well learned..never give up on what you want. The harder it is to get it, the more valuable the reward will be.