Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thinking about a big move

Oh my gosh! Where have I been?

This month is going to be so cool. My company has 6 weddings booked this month. We have 2 weddings only 30 miles apart on one Saturday. I will send a team to one wedding while I take a team to the other. It will be so much fun.

My wife and I are thinking about moving to SC. I just love it back there and when I took my wife she kept telling me that she felt like she was home. Maybe next summer we will make the move.

Have any of you ever visited You take a quiz and it gives you the best places to live based on your life style and needs. I can not believe how many places in the south came up when both my wife and I took the quiz seperatly. Many of our cities were the same!

Check it out. It is fun to do even if you are not planning on moving.


Crystal said...

Congratulations, Jason on all the weddings! That's awesome. Thanks for the blurp about

Now, I am tagging you. So let's hear 8 random things about yourself. ;-)

Steven Kang said...

wow! 6 weddings, that's awesome Jason. Now we know where you have been. You been busy getting all those weddings. Congrats!!!
Thanks for sharing
and beware of the curse of tag. hahaha.

Jason Lanier said...

Thanks Crystal. Your awesome!

STEVE DePINO said...

Wow that is an over the top schedule!