Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Don't give up on me

AHHHHH! I hardly have time to type this. I know you are waiting for photos and I hate to keep you all waiting. I am trying like crazy to get the hotel the pics they need by Friday.

The hotel's new venue will be featured on TV and they are going to use my photos for the story! The taping is on Friday. I can not believe my photos will be on TV!

More details later when I can stop to breathe a little!


Stacy Cross said...

Holy cow! I just read your entry below about 7/7/07 - I am so happy to hear you survived! :) Yes, I am very much looking forward to seeing the pics, but I'll try to be patient! :)

Nataly Lemus said...

I can't wait to see the photos, but take your time!

Ginger Murray said...

on TV?? That's awesome!!

Deadlines...They're always keeping us out of breath!

Thanks for the comment on my post.

lauramkelley said...

Congratulations on that. I know about being busy. I am glad to see you are and with ll the right things. Good job on getting on TV. Is it national or local so we can see?
Dont know if the whole movie is good that you saw, but that part is really funny.

Jason Lanier said...

I think it is NBC

Eye on San Diego or something

I will let you know the date it airs so people in the area can watch it.

Steven Kang said...

Congrats Jason. take your time with the picture post and do let us know the time and station.
At some point visiting the blog isn't just about checking out pictures anymore. It's about friendship. Once again, Congrats to you Jason.

face first films said...

wow! very cool- congratulations.