Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Ones

It's so neat to see the wonder, excitement, and imagination that is spinning in a child's eyes as they watch the whole proceedings of a wedding. That is what is so neat about being a photographer. If we help to contribute to the magic of the day, and make it an unforgettable moment for the bride and groom, we are also helping to shape the imagination and dreams for the little ones in attendance who are forming their dreams and hopes for the future. Hope you enjoy the pictures!



Kara said...

I wonder what is going on in their little heads. Are they thinking about how awesome the ceremony is, are they thinking what the heck is going on, are they thinking about dinner?

Great shots. You caught them when they are actually paying attentin and focusing on the event and probably wondering what all the fuss is over those two people!

Kara said...

ahhhh typo! Too bad you can edit!

Kara said...


another typo! I am going to stop now. I should not be allowed to post here.

Paige Kearin said...

Great shots. Emjoy Italy!